Enjoy the Convenience and Low Cost of Self Paced 

Subscription Programming

As a lower cost alternative to personal training, I offer several programs that are pre-written and comprehensive. 

Click on each to read the details, but as a quick overview, the Honey Badger Programs are Intermediate to Advanced. 

Base Camp, and its follow on program, are Beginner to Intermediate. 

All programs are the same price, and you can have access to any/all of them once you are in the app.

Subscription programming is ideal for if you are just starting out, OR for those with extensive gym knowledge. 

These are excellent for general fat loss and muscle growth/strength, but are not optimized for specific body composition goals. 

If you have defined goals, like growing your glutes, strengthening and defining your deep core, reaching a performance goal- 

 Or simply if you know that you will need lots of support, I recommend moving over to the Custom Coaching page. 

You have the option to do these programs coached- with check ins, messaging and macros- or un-coached, with email support only, no macros.

Several NEW programs are coming down the line soon- Stay tuned!!