Explore the Options to Work Directly with Brenna: 

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Body Recomposition- Deep Core Development, Glute Growth & Fat Loss

Prenatal & Postpartum Coaching- For Mama's from Preconception through 1 Yr Postpartum

Performance- Elite Hybrid Coaching for Strength, Speed, Power & Endurance

Macros- Customized Nutrition Metrics, Complimentary Subscription Workouts 


For more information, email: brenna@iamvictoriam.com

Find me on Instagram @whattimeisitmrsfox@victoriam.performance

Current or former members of the United States Military receive special consideration in pricing- 
As all quotes are application specific, the consideration able to be given will vary.


All Coaching Options Come With: 

  • My On-Demand Bodyweight and Dumbbell Only 20-30 Minute Programs for Travel or Days that Go Awry
  • Meal Plan Examples with New Layouts Updated Bi-Weekly, Utilizes Newly Uploaded Recipe Options
  • Brenna's Custom Recipe Library: Simple to Make, Optimized for Meal Prep & Ideal for Family Meals
  • Custom Movement Demo Videos with Detailed Form Cues to Help You Nail Every Movement
  • Elite Video & PDF Education Database: Everything You Have Wanted to Know About Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle
  • Custom Habit Tracking: Make the Change Permanent by Tracking Metrics for Water, Steps, Supplements etc
  • Discounted Access to Challenges, Swag, Gear, Events & more
  • Unlimited Coach Communication
  • Detailed Check Ins to Ensure Continued Progression