Whether you are pregnant, trying to conceive,

or postpartum, this is the place for you. 

As a new mama myself, I know how it feels to fight an uphill battle with your schedule, hormones, emotions, your new body..

and, most importantly..

this raw, beautiful season of your life. 

You don't want to fight. 

You want to enjoy, nurture, thrive

But how? 

Maybe with a little help ❤


How Can I Prepare? 

  • Learn to engage and strengthen your pelvic floor
  • Incorporate pregnancy essential mobility
  • Begin prenatal supplement routine
  • Adjust training and nutrition to prepare for a healthy conception
  • Create a prenatal and postpartum wellness plan
  • Identify valuable resources before you need them

❤The egg that will become your baby matures MONTHS before it is fertilized

❤The muscles you will use to carry, deliver and love on your sweet babe take time to develop

❤You are about to go through so much change. Adjust what habits you can now, in the calm


What Can I Still Do? 

  • prepare for a smooth labor
  • focus on mobility and maintaining strength
  • prevent gestational diabetes and gain weight at a healthy rate
  • Adjust training according to trimester and symptoms
  • navigate food aversions or nausea with phenomenal tips
  • mitigate stress and anxiety through consistent movement

❤This is the perfect time to connect with midwife support for all the questions coming up

❤the more muscle we can maintain through this season directly equates to a more seamless recovery and faster body recomposition postpartum

❤You are about to go through so much change. Adjust what habits you can now, 

in the calm



Time to Heal, Restore, Rebuild  

  • follow a plan created specifically for your post birth starting point
  • Whether you stayed consistent through pregnancy or not, we can begin now with a focus on deep core, healing, and rebuilding
  • Learn how to engage and strengthen your deep core and pelvic Floor; avoid the 'mom pooch' and mitigate or avoid incontinence & pelvic pain
  • Lean into an experienced and compassionate support structure so that you can focus on supporting your baby
  • Learn how to properly train and nourish your body so that you can carry this knowledge throughout the rest of your life!
  • This is an exciting time! You can recomposition your body to whatever you want it to be- postpartum is truly a blank slate 

❤You can truly rebuild better than 'Pre-Baby'

❤If you plan to have more children in the future, this time is so critical

❤Set the example of healthful living for your little ones from day one

How to Get Started 

1. Submit a coaching application above

2. Receive Custom Training Proposal from me within 48 hours

3. Confirm whether this looks like it would be a good fit! 

4. Receive your program and app access!



*Your quote is custom to you and based on your needs* 

Your Coach:

Brenna Fox

Brenna and her daughter Dana

Pre-Baby vs Post-Baby Core

9mo in Vs 9mo Out

In her natural habitat

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