Victoriam Performance

& Sugarloaf Nutrition

Our Core Values

People First   |  

Lead by Example   |   Integrity in Everything   |   Enjoy the Journey 

Motivation is Optional, Action is Essential

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality of coach to client relationships and realistic, education-based fitness and nutrition solutions for every person willing to put forth the continued effort to elevate and take responsibility for their lives and their health.

How We Started

(in Brenna and Sam's own words)

You know those scenarios where people explain a movie plot poorly?

This would be mine: 

"Girl from Alaska wilderness gets kicked out of the Marine Corps for being a raging alcoholic and kind of accidentally starts a fitness company."

Hi, I'm girl-from-Alaska-wilderness, or Brenna. Or @whattimeisitmrsfox on Instagram. Let me explain.

You can read my backstory on the Meet Our Team page, but Victoriam Performance was the original name of the company that I visualized and started back in 2018.

Today we just go by Victoriam, because we learned our lesson about using the entire alphabet for a business name.

Anyways, I had just gotten out of the Marine Corps and moved to California with my (now) husband, Seth, who is still an active duty Marine.

It was a super inconvenient time in my life- I had a degree in culinary arts and one in business, and wanted nothing to do with either.

Also getting sober was the most fun I never want to have again.  

Because I didn't like listening to other people, and I needed money, the immediate answer seemed to be to work for myself. I had abs, so I started a fitness company.

That seemed logical. 

It was only going to be for a few months until I found a real job...or my life's purpose...

or whatever.

I ended up finding a very real job, my life's purpose, sobriety, and serenity all in the same place: in serving people. 

Over the years we grew from offering PDF programs delivered via email, to a suite of deluxe training programs, all video illustrated, loaded with education, tips and cues and delivered in a user friendly app.

We also intentionally created our pricing model to be one that would allow our clients to afford to stay on much longer than a traditional 8 or 12 week program.

Our mission is to see each of our people from the very beginner levels into confident individuals with a lifestyle they enjoy and results that they love and will never lose. 


The business philosophy that allowed us to multiply many times over the years is: To put people first no matter what, and let the results fall where they may. 

On to how 1stPhorm and FREE COACHING fit into the picture..

I searched for about a year and a half for a nutrition company to partner with, so that I could be confident in the quality of the recommendations that I was making to clients. 

1stPhorm's people-first philosophy, coupled with their transparency as a company, their work ethic, and their unparalleled customer service made partnering with them in 2019 an easy decision. 

The level of quality provided in their products is unparalleled across the industry. From sourcing to processing to the results in performance and overall health, I stand behind this company 100% and am proud to be able to point our clients to nutrition solutions that will change their life. 

It is through their app that I offer free weekly check-ins, nutrition coaching and macro adjustments. 

(Read more about this under the coaching tab.)


The business philosophy that allowed us to multiply many times over the years is: To put people first no matter what, and let the results fall where they may. 

Finally, the story of how Sugarloaf Nutrition became a part of the family

Again, you can read Samantha's backstory on the Meet the Team page, so we will jump right into how Brenna and Sam connected. 

Ironically- it was through 1stPhorm! Samantha was also a legionnaire, but working full time at a medical fitness company in Alaska. 

She had a brand and a ton of dreams.


We started a mentorship relationship in 2020, and, only a few months later, in 2021, Sam made the leap into full time self employment. 

Seeing that courage in her, going headlong after her dreams without a safety net, convinced me that working together would be beneficial for both of us. 

It takes guts to run a business- few have it. Sam does. 

Samantha provides high level nutrition solutions- far above my education or experience. 

We have many members and clients for whom macros alone don't bring results- they need to dig deeper, and they need guidance. 

Sam's coaching is a breath of fresh air in situations frustrated by food intolerances, underlying health issues, hormonal imbalances, you name it. 

Read more about what she offers on the Sugarloaf nutrition page! 

In short, Brenna focuses on training, and Sam provides custom and ingenious nutrition solutions.

Why Join The Facebook Group?

To put it simply: Community and Education

I could give you the numbers, but I will just say that the correlation between those who participate in the Facebook group (passively or actively) and those who have long-term success (achieving their goals and then successfully shifting into maintenance and sustaining those results) is direct. 

Lots of words:

  • Free workouts: some gym, some home, any level
  • Weekly live workouts (and the recordings to do later!)
  • Form checks
  • Accountability
  • Weekly macro-ready menus complete with shopping lists
  • Special event and fun recipes (summer grilling, lightened up Superbowl snacks, etc) 
  • Learn when/how to take a rest day
  • Work around setbacks/injuries
  • Get tons of daily ideas from dozens of other people who are also working on their best life
  • Play a lot of fun games (I give out thousands of dollars in prizes every month and we have the best time)
  • Learn the truth behind hundreds of fitness myths
  • Hear other people's struggles, stories and experiences

How and Why to Book A Call

Two reasons: I don't bite and I want to get to know you! The easiest way for you to be able to tell me what is going on, and for us to decide what would be a good fit for you, is to chat! It's a quick, 15-minute initial call where we go over your training history, talk about what life looks like for you, and decide on some initial steps to start getting you where you want to go. It's also important that you leave the call knowing how and where to get help, and feeling confident that there are real people who want to see you win. If you hate talking on the phone with strangers, you aren't alone - I promise I'm super nice and I'll keep the corny jokes to a minimum. :)  Book a Call Here


Here you can find the most frequent asked questions.

What is the difference between your app and the MyTransphormation App?

The workouts in my app (that you need a link from me to download) are written by myself or Team HPHB coaches, and are able to be altered or customized to what you need. You have multiple program options for any situation, an the app individually tracks your progress in different areas so that we have data to show where you are progressing and where we still need work. 

The workouts in the MyTransphormationApp are written by 1stPhorm coaches and are much more generic, since they are written for such a broad audience. I have no control over them and am not able to readily give substitutions or assistance with them. They also are not tracked for progress reports. 

I don't have Facebook, what should I do?

Well, considering that 90% of the resources that you are looking for are in the Facebook group, I would get a ghost account that you use just for improving your life. Believe it or not, you can have social media without adding friends or scrolling. 

I want to learn about macros, where should I start?

Set up a call with me if you have not already, read through the Nutrition, Macro and Recipe guides in the Facebook group, and download the free nutrition guide that pops up when you come to this site!

I come from a background of disordered eating, can you help me?

Absolutely. Many, many of our people struggle or have struggled with this in one form or another, including several of our coaches. You are in a safe space to heal with us. To read Brenna's story, go into the group and search "eating disorders", and set up a call so that we can chat with you! We want to support you through this and see you have total food freedom and healing. 

Do you work with men, too?

Yep!! We have about a 50/50 split of men and women in our programs, since we started out training mostly military! 

I literally don't have time/money/know where to start, help!

Book a call, book a call, book a call. Here's the link. We can help any situation. Don't overthink it or overwhelm yourself- do one thing and set aside 15 minutes to chat with us.