Honey Badger Hybrid Programs

The Honey Badger Hybrid Program Is….To Put It Nicely, A Kick In The Shorts. 

Simultaneously training for increased speed, strength and power, every workout is uniquely designed to build upon the last. 

The ultimate outcome being a defined, lean and healthy physique as a result of  a massive increase in functionality and performance. 

With zero repeat workouts (read that again, no repeats sold to you as a ‘fresh’ program) you will be anything but bored by your training routine. 

Both programs contain 26 weeks of programming, with 6-8 video illustrated workouts per week.

(Some days contain both a strength and a cardio workout)

Phase 1 is for those who have a base amount of training experience and are looking to take their performance and physique to the next level.

Phase 2 is for those who have (ideally) completed Phase 1, and who are ready to tackle challenges including tempo, timing, rep variations and movements that high level athletes use.

Phase 2 is Coming Soon. Phase 1 is Available Below. 

Designed to be done at a gym, the program is laid out so that you are not having to run all over the place looking for what you need, and intentionally does not include rarely seen pieces of equipment. (Like the unicorn belt squat machine.)

The first program ever designed by Brenna, the original release was titled “Hadrian’s Wall”, and was written specifically to train Marine Officers for combat operations.

Since then, hundreds of military and law enforcement personnel, as well as first responders have used the Honey Badger Hybrid system to max out their PT tests and perform at optimal levels both at home and in the field. 

The Pivot 20 Minute Bodyweight/Minimal Equipment Program is currently included FREE with the Honey Badger Hybrid Program

What Others Say


One of the best decisions that I have made was to join the honey badger program. It has helped me to transform myself into a happier and healthier person. After seeing my 1 year results, I am beyond excited for this next year!



The Honey Badger Program was exactly what I needed to hit that next level with my workouts. They push me to reach personal records and change up intensity with reps. Brenna's guidance is what makes this program so special. Thankful for this program to allow me to train with the athlete mentality!



The Honey Badger Hybrid program is so much more than a workout plan. This program allowed me to establish life changing habits and major mindset shifts. It has taught me how to prioritize my health...keep fitness uncomplicated and showed me what healthy really looks and feels like. This program is a game changer and I will never look back. 


Halfpint Honey Badger Phase 1

Pick What Fits You!


69/mo OR $399 

6 Months

-High Level App Access

-6 months of killer, video illustrated workouts

-Written & Filmed by Brenna

-No repeats

-Unlimited access to Brenna through app

-Weekly check ins

-Nutrition Adjustments for best results

(Ideal for those who train 5-6 days/week)



/one time payment

6 months

-High Level App Access

-6 months of killer, video illustrated workouts

-Written & Filmed by Brenna

-No repeats

-Support via email

*Ideal for those who train 5-6 days/week