Whether you are starting for the first time or starting again-

Base Camp is the perfect program for a gentle start that leads to massive success. 

The Base Camp Program was written as a foundational place to start for those who may have never followed a formal exercise program before

those who are returning from injury, or just for those who need a simple, 

low impact movement solution. 

If you start with Base Camp and find that you quickly catch up to the challenge of the workouts, you can request to move forward to a more challenging program at any time, with no up-charge whatsoever. You can even have access to 

multiple programs at once!

The workouts focus highly on education and orientation, so that whether you are working out 

at the gym or home, 

you have the opportunity to learn the "why" behind your program, and to become comfortable with the equipment you are using. 

Speaking of equipment, you will need at a minimum, several sets of dumbbells, fabric glute bands and a set of long bands with handles. 

See my complete list of the lowest cost, highest rated home equipment recommendations here!

If you are a beginner, I highly recommend

selecting the coached option.

On demand support to help you set a strong foundation, avoid injury and match your nutrition to your training will go miles toward your goals. 

What Others Say

Amazing team of coaches.

Always has the best advice on nutrition and workouts.

Answers you back quickly.

Very mindful of your goals and how to get you there. They make you feel like you matter and they really want you to succeed.

So glad I found Brenna!!

Amy S 

HIGHLY recommend Victoriam Performance!

Brenna is SUPER awesome when it comes to meeting your goals on your pace!

She makes working out enjoyable especially with her app! Being able to let her know when a schedule may change and workouts may need to be different a certain week, or vacation arises and food choices may be limited...she works with YOUR lifestyle!

So grateful for Brenna!

Samantha C

Honestly can’t say enough great things about Brenna!


She truly cares about each person, takes the time to listen and get to know you, and is always supportive in helping you reach YOUR goals. 

The progress I've made just in the last year with her instruction is beyond what I ever expected.

I’ve found my fitness family for life!

Kerri A

Pricing Options

Select a coaching option below

Six Month Access

$69/mo or $399 Once

-User Friendly App Access that Tracks Your Progress and Give you Instant Feedback

-6 months of killer, video illustrated workouts

-Written & Filmed by Brenna

-No repeats

-Unlimited access to Brenna through app

-Weekly check ins

-Nutrition Adjustments for best results

(Ideal for those who train 4-5 days/week)



/one time payment

6 months

-User Friendly App Access that Tracks Your Progress and Give you Instant Feedback

-20 weeks of progressive, video illustrated workouts

-Written & Filmed by Brenna

-No repeats

-Support via email

*Ideal for those who train 4-5 days/week

More Testimonials

I’ve been training with Brenna for a little over a year and in that time my body has changed dramatically for the better. I’m so much stronger both mentally and physically.


Brenna taught me how to have a better relationship with food. There’s no longer the mindset that I shouldn’t have carbs coz it’s bad for me. Now I see that as fuel my body needs to perform even better the next day.

If u want to change your life and get out of the rut you are in, try Victoriam Performance. Brenna will be there guiding u every step of the way like she’s done for me! Love her!💖


Anne with the Abs

I can’t say enough amazing things about this team!

These are real people giving you the tools and friendship to set you up with success that last a lifetime!

Never pushy but 100 % motivating.

I have learned so much from them in such a short period of time & can’t wait to see myself here next year or the year after!

The knowledge they have is out of this world!

Amanda P

Victoriam Performance has been a huge game changer for me!


After having kids I was lost about getting back into shape and being happy with myself and when I met Brenna instantly she uplifted me and made it all seem possible and within reach!!

Ever since I started with her it has been nothing but uplifting, powerful, joyful and made me a better/happier person! I am feeling like myself again and I ENJOY putting in the work... YEAH, YOU HEARD ME 🤣 I ENJOY IT!! 🙂

Brenna is with you every step of the way and especially if you have tough days.

This is the best I have felt in a long time and I am grateful!!