The Home Grown Hybrid Program

Please don’t assume that “at home” means “easier”-

The Home Grown Hybrid is still an absolute smoke fest. 

The Home Grown Hybrid Program is modeled after the founding Honey Badger Hybrid program, but does so with only basic level equipment, easily acquired and used at home. 

Designed to sculpt lean, metabolically active muscle tissue, this program simultaneous builds your strength, reflexes, balance, endurance, and sheer power of movement. 

A whole year of workouts, no repeats, all building on each other to allow you to go forth and conquer any challenge you choose. 

The difference between this program and other “home programs”? 

At the end of every one of these workouts, you can feel an intense sense of accomplishment, knowing that you persevered. That your mental toughness showed up and got a little stronger.

This program is not just about fitness- it’s about discipline. 

It’s about doing the right thing when the couch is so close.  

It’s about winning. 

Required: Dumbbells, bands, your bodyweight and a fighting spirit.

The Pivot 20 Minute Bodyweight/Minimal Equipment Program is currently included FREE with the Home Grown Hybrid Program

What Others Say


Two years ago I was a single mom of a toddler and going to a gym was just not an option. The homegrown program has given me the opportunity to not only workout from home but still be challenged and see growth beyond anything I had ever imagined. My strength, endurance and overall health is by far the best it has been! 

Jen Barberi 


I love the home program for the flexibility it gives me to get my daily workouts in. I am a very busy person- meetings, changing work schedule and LIFE. With this program I don't have to add travel time or waiting for machines into my schedule. 



I love that the Homegrown Hybrid program never repeats a workout! Even going through it a scond time keeps me guessing. Also I love that I can modify for any point in my fitness journey. When I started out I was doing quite a few modifications and now I'm doing the full strength workouts and it's insanely challenging and fun! 


Pricing Plan

Pick What Fits You!


69/ mo OR $399

6 Months

-High Level App Access

-6 months of killer, video illustrated workouts

-Written & Filmed by Brenna

-No repeats

-Unlimited access to Brenna through app

-Weekly check ins

-Nutrition Adjustments for best results

(Ideal for those who train 5-6 days/week)



/one time payment

6 months

-High Level App Access

-6 months of killer, video illustrated workouts

-Written & Filmed by Brenna

-No repeats

-Support via email

*Ideal for those who train 5-6 days/week

More Testimonials


Brenna's home workout program is by far the best, most comprehensive and realistic program I've ever done. They are creative, fun, endlessly challenging and have helped me build confidence and muscle simultaneously. I'm in the best shape of my life, and better equipped with the knowledge and skill set to continue building my strength.  So so so thankful for Brenna's encouragement, kindness, support, wisdom and technical skill set! 



Straight up this has been the best program ever. I have tried it all weight watchers, rip60, beach body, I could go in forever! Brenna and her team do it right! You get one on one training and nutrition. On top of it all it’s not just Brenna and her team, it’s a community of women and men of all ages trying to achieve their best lives just like you! I have made so many new friends and learned how to better treat my mind and body with all of their help. If you want a change of life that you can maintain, this is the best program!



I love the home program that Brenna has created. Before the lockdown I was doing physical therapy for my injuries (spinal cord injury). I found Brenna and her program and it was perfect for me. We talked about my injuries adn what I had done in therapy and she told me that I could do this so I gave it a try. I had to modify some exercises, but this has completely changed my life. I never thought that I could make the changes like I have and then to think it's from a home program and never in a gym- it's mind blowing. If you are on the fence, go for it. This will change your life.