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     Shred & Sculpt

This challenge combines the high level training expertise of Coach Brenna and expert nutrition knowledge of Coach Samantha, to elevate your results to the next level this summer and permanently!

What's Included

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Let's Talk About Why You Absolutely Should Jump On This 

We know that you can do this because WE HAVE DONE THIS 


-1st Place Winner: $250 1stPhorm Gift Card & $500 Cash Prize

-2nd Place Winner: $250 1stPhorm Gift Card

-Over $2,000 in Weekly Prizes and Giveaways


-Starter Supplement Stack for Fat Loss & Lean Muscle Definition

-Detailed Workbook with Instructions, Education && OUR PERSONAL Tips for Success

-Recipes, Food Lists, Supplement Recommendations, Shopping Help

-Video Illustrated, KILLER Workouts designed to SHRED and DEFINE, audited specifically for you and your fitness level and schedule by Coach Brenna

-Go Beyond the Macros with Coach Sam to identify foods or habits that might be sneakily working against you and sabotaging your progress

-Weekly check ins with both of your coaches and unlimited help during the week

-Weekly challenges, quizzes and prizes to keep you learning and motivated


-Sign ups open May 9, official start date is June 13

-Winner will be chosen August 8
**Supplement stacks will be sent and programs assigned immediately before challenge starts

-All workouts, check-ins and nutrition delivered in a centralized app that tracks your progress and gives you immediate data-based feedback

-Choose between coached or uncoached option (see pricing below)


-Select "Coached" or "Uncoached" Option Below, and complete payment

-Complete and Submit Consultation form below

-Look for Guide and Confirmation Email of Supplement Order in your Email

Why is there a difference in price and duration between this challenge and the last challenge? 

The last challenge was a trial run of the challenge format, by Brenna, and did not actually yield any profit. 

All proceeds went towards client tools and prizes. 

Additionally, I found that there was a significant drop off in adherence past the 8-9 week mark. 

There was never any price or structure guarantee for future challenges. 

Your fee covers your supplements, the giveaways throughout the challenge, the winner prizes, and custom coaching from TWO coaches for TWO months. 

Summer Sculpt 2022


399/ One Time Payment 


*MAXIMUM OF 50 SIGNUPS for coached option. First come, first served.

These will fill up fast. The March challenge sold out in 24 hours.

-8 Weeks Killer Strength, Cardio & Conditioning Workouts

-Each Week's Workouts Customized by Brenna

-Learn the Details of How to Train Effectively With Step by Step Guidance

-Brenna's Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Definition Guide

-Weekly macro adjustments and feedback

-In Depth Analysis of Food Intake to Identify Possible Nutrition Sticking Points

-Help With Shopping Lists, Snacks, Meal Ideas etc

-Discounted Meal Plan Options

-Communicate with your coaches any time

-Fat Loss & Muscle Definition Supplement Starter Stack

-Weekly Check Ins with Both of Your Coaches

-Eligibility for all prizes and giveaways

*Payment screen will guide you all the way through the app setup



/one time payment


-8 Weeks Killer Strength, Cardio & Conditioning Workouts

-Brenna's Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Definition Guide

-Macros updated by coach weekly based on the workouts, food and photos that you log

-Support via email:

-Fat Loss & Muscle Definition Supplement Starter Stack

-Eligibility for all prizes and giveaways

-No two way coach communication

-Workouts are self paced and not edited by coach

-Your food logs are not analyzed, only your macros are updated

*Payment screen will take you all the way through the app setup

Let's Cover Some Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: When the Challenge is over, then what? 

A:  If you fully participate in the challenge and use the resources, you will complete this program with a thorough understanding of macros and proper training so that you can continue on your own! You will have confidence in navigating the gym, in training techniques and in what questions to ask. 
You will also have the option to continue with the program and/or with coaching and not lose your progress. Simply chat with me about this option! Two months may be enough to make SERIOUS PROGRESS, but not long enough to get to YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL.

Q: How do I know what training program is right for me?

A: You will be assigned a training program based on the answers that you give in your initial questionnaire. If your training situation changes, you have the option to switch programs at any time- there is unlimited flexibility based on fitness level and home or gym situations. 

Q: How intense is this challenge? 

A: You should expect to put forth more effort during these months than you do in regular coaching, because we are working towards a very specific goal! The expectation is that you follow instructions to the BEST of your ability, complete your workouts, track your food and communicate with your coach (either directly or by logging your activity so that I can see it and give you feedback.)

Q: I am already a current member, can I do this? 

A: Yes. If you are a current member on the $31/mo programs (no longer offered, this is to grandfathered members only), you can enter. There is no difference in cost because this offer is based off of current pricing. 

The $399 fee covers: your supplement stack, the fat loss guide, entry into the prize pool and two months of coaching from both coaches

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