"Without proper nutrition, exercise is simply added stress on the body."

HELLO THERE! I am so happy you have found yourself on my page! I have spent a lot of time designing a protocol to fit everyone all while making it easily customizable. It is my goal to help you create sustainable lifestyle habits all while still enjoying life. If your feeling a little unsure... just check out some of the client success stories. They are sure to leave you feeling inspired.

-Samantha Pennell 


Nutrition & Protocol

The Sugarloaf Protocol is a comprehensive approach to changed eating habits. Designed by a team of doctors, the protocol has been used to help more than 100 patients and clients. Many of them finding themselves wildly successful and surprised by how well they feel. The program is split up into 3 different phases, all of which you work with your trainer 1:1 through a data workbook implemented to help you be consistent and progressive in the protocol! 

Personal Training Solutions

I love personal training and working 1:1 with my clients to help them find good form and challenge themselves! Life is currently a little crazy so I have moved my personal training options to ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING! Click below to find out what personal training online might look like for you!

Custom Meal Plans:

 Making eating and tracking a whole lot easier.

It's exactly as it sounds. I write your meal plan for you! Wether your the pickiest eater at the table or you just need some easy options, I plan the meals for you with recipes that are fun and delicious! With great communication we are able to get you fed up without getting too bored of your food!

"You're transformation isn't about adding more work to your life; it's about shifting your perspective so life becomes more fun, magical and joyful." 

     But do you like 

   to eat?!

Of course you do! Check out my recipe database for easy lunch-able or prepped dinner options! I love being able to make a meal for my fam and throw the left overs in a lunch container for an easy done option! Many of these are the same recipes that I use for meal planning, just in a way that is free for you to use how you please! I share snack prep, protein prep and travel prep here as well! And guess what, you have access to most of it for free- because I don't believe that wellness should come with a price tag!


-Build a BOO-T

We are kicking around the candy bucket and throwing in a BRAND NEW program! With a few different options you can jump on board with our Build a BOO-T program and work on gaining mass in all 3 muscle groups of your glutes! 

What Others Say


I love working with Sam! She is a huge supporter and an amazing encourager throughout your journey. She helps set attainable steps to reach your goal that is personalized for each individual, and she works diligently to make sure you are getting everything you need from your program! When I struggled she was always there with an encouraging hand, and when I hit huge goals she was there cheering me on. She really makes personal connections with her clients and treats them as great friends- she is so invested in our progress!



Even with consistent workouts and tracking food, my weight was continuing to creep up! Working with Sam I eliminated foods that I didn't even know caused inflammation, and the weight came back down almost immediately! 

Sam was such a great source of information and encouragement! 



Working with Sam has changed my life. She is so encouraging and supportive! She's helped me get to the best shape I've ever been in in my life. Also she has a huge knowledge of PCOS and hormones and has been walking me through a really tough part of my own journey. She is wonderful at seeing the whole picture and making a few adjustments each week that lead to life long results. Not only is she an excellent coach, but an amazing human with a heart for people and helping them achieve health.


/Down 150+ pounds!

See for Yourself

Each of these clients had a previous training routine, but the addition of nutrition made all the difference!

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