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Beauty & the Boss

You are both. 

At work- at home- in the gym:

You're sweet, but you're a savage. 

You demand respect-

From others and from yourself. 

Because you put in the work. 

Always looking for a new challenge- 

I have one for you. 

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-12 Week Complete Hybrid Trainer
-10 Week Core Shredder
-HIIT Fat Blasting Program
-FREE Nutrition Guide
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Welcome to Victoriam Performance

For a limited time, get all three of my best selling programs for $77 ($225 value) 

Hadrian's Wall

My flagship hybrid training model-
Completed and loved by thousands.

Build speed, strength and power in this 12+ week, detailed training guide. 
Designed for athletes of all levels. 
Learn the exact routines I use to train for 
performance & physique. 



I wrote this program because so many people reached out, wondering what my specific core routine was.

I train abs once a week-
So I wrote you a ten week core trainer. 
Find them in the kitchen,
Define them in the gym.


Against Thebes

Against Thebes is for everyone who hates cardio- who likes to get sweaty, get it over with fast, burn a ton of calories, and feel like Captain Marvel when you're done.

Yeah, me too.


                                          Why Would You Give So Much Away? 

Because I've been there. I  struggled with years of overeating, under eating, fear of the gym, frustration over making progress just to lose it again,  gym boredom, and being really, awfully hard on myself. 

My passion is seeing lives changed, and though I train many clients one-on-one now, I can't possibly reach everyone who was just as desperate for solution as I was- who might find their story in my own. 

Physical and mental health is not a number on the scale, but the self confidence that comes from getting out of your comfort zone and keeping promises to yourself.

Whether this is your starting point, or a way to shake up your routine- it's not a magic solution. It's solid training, sustainable nutrition, and discipline that will radically grow every area of your life.


Gym Requirements- All of the programs were written to be accomplished with a very basic gym setup- dumbbell/barbell/cable

Time- Each workout takes 45-60 minutes to complete

Exercise Examples- Only well known or easily found exercises are prescribed

Alterations/customization- For ALL support, email me at and I will help you directly.
We are in this together.

Program Access- All three programs will be sent to you as downloadable PDFs; they are yours to keep forever. This offer, however, will not be. 

Testimonial: Louisa
Completed Hadrian's Wall & Against Thebes

"Brenna's programs have been the best that I've ever encountered. I always leave the gym feeling like a bada**. As well as a little shaky, haha. I love that it's so hardcore and so diverse. The constant change in workouts keeps it interesting. Physically my body thanks her, mentally it curses her during the workout. You will not regret buying this program! Worth every dollar!!"

Testimonial- Anne
Mom of Two- Completed Abdomination and Hadrian's Wall 

"I loved that the programs were easy to follow! I also loved that it included cardio. It shook up my routine and challenged me to try new things. Now I have people ask me all the time if they can lift with me and if I'm a trainer!"

About Brenna

Well, let's keep it real shall we? Brenna doesn't always have abs- but she's really good at getting them. She was born in Alaska, definitely crashed her car into a moose while attending culinary school, got a bachelor's degree in business management, joined the Marine Corps, left the Marine Corps, and is currently a serial entrepreneur, running both Victoriam Performance and her mastermind group, The Level Up Project, amongst other endeavors. 

Brenna's obsession with fitness began with a love of running- mainly because there were no gyms in the rural north, and bears are fast. While in the service she developed the style of training that she now follows, and which she used to create these bestselling training programs. Brenna earned multiple awards while working as an elite trainer at a high-end fitness club in Orange County, California, before stepping out to run her businesses full time. 

Brenna is a dedicated donut fiend, who currently lives in Texas and thinks that the bugs there are the size of cats. She also hated the ending to Game of Thrones., and is addicted to How I Met Your Mother and anything Rachel Hollis says. 

Click below to follow Brenna on Instagram- she would love to hear from you!

What Else You Get

Yeah- there's more. 

Free Initial Macro Setup

Tracking macros allows you to eat whatever you want within the ranges of your goals. 

If you have never used macros before, I will explain them and help you get started. 

Free Nutrition Guidance 

What to eat. 
What not to eat. 
My go-to meals and snacks to make living a healthy lifestyle more fun. 

Because, trust me- I love food too. 

Save over $150

I won't keep this offer on for long, because I have big new things coming! 

If you're in a program right now, or not ready to start, put them in your pocket for later. 

They are yours to keep- this is too good to miss.