Do you want to take the guesswork out of your nutrition? Let's chat!

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle growth or athletic performance, dialed in nutrition will make your training 10x more effective and results permanent.

**I currently have a wait list for meal planning services, so PLEASE submit yours as soon as possible**

About Meal Planning 

Your program will be designed uniquely for you, based on:

  • Your current training program

  • Your schedule

  • Desire for scratch convenience options

  • Your body's unique response to different foods, and any known allergies or intolerances 

  • Your specific goals and timeline

  • Where you shop or eat out

  • Your family situation

  • How often you travel

  • Your finances 

  • Foods you love/hate

  • Any other notes or scenarios that you give!

Program Benefits

Your program will include: 

  • App access with built in meal tracker and meal plan access

  • Unlimited communication with your coach

  • Weekly check ins including progress photos and questionnaire

  • Hundreds of example meals and snacks

  • Help with navigating restaurant or homemade meals

  • Education on macros and intuitive eating

  • A plan designed around your goals and program

  • Discounted additional coaching, if desired

  • Option to progress to just macro coaching

  • New/fun meal and snack options

  • Help with recipes, shopping lists etc!

How to Get Started

1. Complete and submit the application above

2. Hear back from me via text or email within 48 hours

3. Chat about your goals and evaluate whether we would be a good fit!

*I normally do a phone call, but with an unpredictable baby schedule I am communicating via text or email currently*

4. Receive your initial plan

5. Start winning!

Example Meal Plan

All recipes are available in digital or printable form through the training app-

viewable on mobile, tablet or desktop for your convenience!

Jackie Herpich

All meal plans are reviewed and signed off on by our board certified nutritionist, Jackie, fulfilling all legal requirements associated with providing a meal plan service.

Jackie holds a Master's Degree in Human Nutrition, and is a certified obesity weight management and diabetes care specialist. She has been working and educating in her field for many years and brings much technical knowledge to the table when it comes to delivering the highest quality product. 

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