I am beyond excited to announce this challenge, as I have not run one in TWO YEARS, and it may be the only one that I offer 

(Two babies under two is no joke!)  

This challenge focuses specifically on deep core moves to snap your waist, and glute work to bring that booty up: the two fastest ways to begin body recomposition.

We will also be focusing on fat loss through super clean, whole foods based REALISTIC nutrition.

A special additional perk of this challenge is that I will be doing it with you, exactly how I did my postpartum recomp after Dana, my first baby.

Do you ever feel like you do the same movements that you watch women with goal bodies do on Instagram, but you aren't getting the same results? 

Let me teach you why.


Pricing for this challenge is introductory as I will be working the kinks out alongside you. 

The next iteration of any of the three tiers of this challenge will cost double this introductory price, so do not miss this one time opportunity.

All your friends will be saying

"Whoa, WHAT did you DO!?"

The meal plan provided focuses on whole foods to minimize endocrine disruptors and inflammation, and you will learn how to shop, plan, track and eat food with confidence, low expense and maximal enjoyment and effectiveness. 

This program is especially valuable to busy mamas, professional career and military women, and anyone who wants to absolutely ensure their success and never question whether they are wasting their time or money.


The challenge will run from March 25th-May 17th, the PERFECT timeline to set the foundation for your summer bod- when everyone else is falling off!


What else: 

  • Private, in-app support group, no social media needed to participate!
  • Weekly LIVES with Brenna where we cover questions from the week and dig deep into topics you have always wanted to understand, as well as give you a chance to relate to other women who might share your struggles!
  • PACKED video education vault with dozens of never released before education topics ranging from the very basics of losing body fat and defining lean muscle tissue, to learning about your hormones and how they affect weight loss, to training like a pro on a budget, and so so many more! 
  • PRIZES will be awarded at every level and are based on accomplishing the program tenants and habits that we are learning, leveling the playing field for everyone regardless of individual results during a compressed timeline. 

All of these set you up to retain 10x more value from this challenge than any other.

All challengers will have access to my app, custom recipes, video illustrated exercise demonstrations with detailed instructions and form cues, and downloadable resources you can keep forever!

**Participants will receive 20% off of a follow on 6 month coaching block if they so desire (new clients only).


Current clients may enter, by approval, for an up-charge on their current invoice rather than full challenge price- please message me directly in the app to inquire.**

3 Options to Enter:  

1. Fully Customized Meal Plan, Workouts and DAILY coach touches to ENSURE your success

2. Self Adjusted Meal Plan, Custom Workouts, Weekly Coach Check ins

3. Self Adjusted Meal Plan, Follow Along Workout Program, Group Check Ins

**Read details for each below**

Bring a friend and each of you will save 10%

Fully Customized Option: 

                      **Cap of 10 Slots** 

  • Fully customized training program based on your physical condition, equipment, schedule and goals
  • meal plan customized to macros and food swaps available
    ($100 up-charge for extremely restricted diets)
  • no need to track food if you stick to the meal plan 
        (If you do not think you can accurately and consistently track your food, this is the option for you!!)
  • My must have supplements are included FREE (post workout stack & greens)
  • DAILY COACH TOUCH POINTS to cover all questions and Fine tune your progress at the deepest level- unheard of in any other program

$700 one time cost,
or two payments of $375.

When rolled out, cost will be $1200+

❤Option to Complete challenge program if not finished by end date for $99/mo


Customized Training Only Option: 

                  **Cap of 15 Slots**  

  • Fully customized training program based on your physical condition, equipment, schedule and goals
  • whole food meal plan designed to streamline your routine, minimize inflammation and avoid toxic additives and endocrine disruptors  
    (Food tracking in app still required!)
  • customized macros updated as often as needed
  • my must have post workout supplement stack included FREE 
  • unlimited 1:1 coach communication and bi-weekly private check ins

$500 one time cost, or two payments of $275

Pre-Programmed Option: 

         **Cap of 20 Slots**  

  • Training schedule with daily options for home or gym, including my yet unreleased deep core and glute programs
  • whole food meal plan designed to streamline your routine, minimize inflammation and food costs and avoid toxic additives and endocrine disruptors  (Food tracking required!!)
  • customized macros adjusted as often as needed, and nutritional education to help you meet them
  • private group for coach communication/questions and check ins 

$300 one time cost, or two payments of $175

How to Get Started 

1. Pick which tier of the challenge is the best fit for you.

(Email me at: brenna@iamvictoriam.com) if you are not sure!

2. Receive app access instantly and feel free to ask me any questions in the chat!

3. Receive all setup materials by Saturday, March 22


Your Coach: Brenna Fox

Find me on Instagram @whattimeisitmrsfox

Mom of two under two, whew!

Definitely not genetics- just saying 

Pre-Baby vs Post-Baby: the difference of deep core!

9mo in Vs 9mo Out

In her natural habitat- post baby 2

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