Abdomination 2.0

15 Week Core Training Program

sculpt and shred your midsection like a pro

Lose weight fast- abs
core training program

Do I Need a Gym?

No! Not necessarily. Many of the routines are designed to be done completely equipment free, and you will learn substitutions to allow for the ones that use equipment to be. 

Having some type of basic weight system is recommended, however, as resistance training is the most effective way to achieve the hypertrophy that creates sexy lines. 

How Should I Use Abdomination?

The program is designed to be used at a rate of one workout per week, supplementing your regular training routine. If you are unable to complete a workout, you should repeat it until you are able to finish. 

The workouts are progressive, meaning that they get slightly more advanced for a continuous challenge. 

What Else is Included?

The program is packed full of helpful tips and tricks, nutrition advice and overall training wisdom. 

You also get unlimited support from myself, forever. If you do not understand a movement, or need help making substitutions based on physical or equipment limitations, reach out! I will get back to you quickly, and look forward to hearing from you!

“Abs aren't made in the kitchen. They're made with intention." 

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When I started Abdomination I was dealing with major back pain as a result of core weakness. The ability to gradually progress in strength has completely gotten rid of my pain and helped me to accomplish so much more in overall fitness than I ever thought I could!

Makenzie, 34

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My abs have never been as sore as when I first started Abdomination! It paid off though, I always had obliques that I could see, but never full-on abs! I enjoy that I can incorporate these workouts into my other training routines. 

Jason, 29

Abdomination is the perfect mix of strength and endurance. I've done the program twice now and love that it comes with ways to increase the intensity of the workouts! I also love that most of the workouts can be modified to be done at home when I can't get to the gym. 

Anne, 31

core training program

I have better abs than I did before I had kids!

- US Marine

core training program

Brenna offers a challenging, yet inspirational interaction that incorporates nutrition, fitness and the reality of challenges we all face in our quest to live fit, healthy lives. I especially love the fact that a donut now and then is ok!

Tam - Retired Badass

core training program

I purchased Abdomination when it first came out, and it absolutely made it painful to sneeze for the first couple of weeks! Combined with my other training, I saw massive improvements in my lifts, and for the first time ever I have visible abs!!

Kendall - Athlete & Artist

About Brenna

Brenna believes that if you want to highlight or improve a specific aspect of your physique, it needs to be focused upon.

She was born in Alaska, definitely crashed her car into a moose while attending culinary school, got a bachelor's degree in business management, joined the Marine Corps, left the Marine Corps, and is currently a serial entrepreneur, running both Victoriam Performance and her mastermind group, The Level Up Project, among other endeavors. 

Brenna's obsession with fitness began with a love of running- mainly because there were no gyms in the rural north, and bears are fast. While in the Marine Corps she developed the style of training that she now follows, and which she used to create her bestselling training programs. Brenna earned multiple awards while working as an elite trainer at a high-end fitness club in Orange County, California, before stepping out to run her businesses full time. 

Brenna is a dedicated donut fiend, who currently lives in Texas and thinks that the bugs there are the size of cats. She also hated the ending to Game of Thrones, and is addicted to How I Met Your Mother and anything Rachel Hollis says. 

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What About Nutrition? 

So how much of sculpting abs is training, and how much is nutrition? 

Well, just like developing any other muscle group, they go hand in hand. If you have not already, please download my free nutrition guidance here, and take the time to read it thoroughly. 

Macro Coaching

If nutrition is a major stumbling block for you, and you'd like more one on one help with getting into a routine, let's work together! Send me a quick message about your goals here. 

Recommended Supplements

Reds & Greens- Your micronutrition supports your body in doing what it does best: building lean, sculpted muscle and shedding stubborn body fat. Read about my daily nutrition routine below. 

What you consume post-workout is the most important aspect of nutrition towards your overall progress. Read about my recommendations below. 

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