Today we have a team of four, an AMAZING Facebook community, and additional options when it comes to custom training and nutrition.  But our premise remains the same: leave every person better than we found them, by giving you permanent tools to help you better manage your health, your relationships, your job performance....your whole life, really. "It's more than fitness" has become an unfortunate cliché, because the reality is that when you become vulnerable enough to do really hard work and continuously make difficult changes, it takes a village. It takes people to lift you up, coaches to guide, educate and sanity check you (I still have three different coaches that I pay for to help me in life - improvement is continuous)... And the results impact your family, your loved ones, your future goals, your financial wellbeing, your co-workers...everything.  The effort and the end results are both about far more than just macros and cardio.  So while we want to equip you with everything you'll need to not need us anymore- we hope you'll stay because you found a spot that feels like home. 

Our team knows our people by name. 

We have celebrated together. 

Grieved together. 

Checked in on each other.

And just done a lot of life together!

Because what better thing is there than surrounding yourself with people who want to see you win as much as (a lot of the time, more than) you do?