Less than a few percent of people who start a fitness journey achieve their initial goal; 

And only a fraction of that percent keep their results. 

Everyone has a different starting point.
Our goal is to give you the necessary tools in your mental toolbox to be able to stay on track with fitness easily and permanently by:

1. Creating sustainable habits  2. Learning movement patterns to properly isolate targeted muscle groups and  3. Create a base of metabolically active muscle tissue 

These three crucial steps will prevent injury and support an optimal quality of life. 

All of our training programs focus on these essential elements: 
Education   |   Balance and Stability   |   Power and Speed
Endurance and Cardiovascular Health   |   Strength and Muscle Definition

Oh, and we like to have a LOT of fun along the way.  You will also learn: 

Exercise and Equipment Substitutions   |   How to schedule your workout days according to your lifestyle and goals   |   What to do when you "fall off the wagon"   |   Proper warm-ups, form and technique, and cool-down and recovery   |   How to stay consistent while traveling, on vacation, and over the holidays